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One of the most exciting parts of the wedding is choosing the colour scheme.  The colour often represents the personality of the bride and groom, as well as sets the theme and tone of the wedding. Without it you won't know where to start with bridesmaid dresses, flowers, invitations and the entire reception look. Here are some hot choices for 2011.

Olive or Khaki Green -This colour adds a touch of finesse to a wedding colour scheme. An easily sourced colour that is classy enough to last the test of wedding album time. A brown or beige accent a must have with this colour combination.

Cherry and Luscious Lime - This may seem an odd mix when you first hear these colours said together, and although it is a bold statement, when these colours are combined right they create a striking impact on any wedding reception. 

Purple - Dramatic and Vibrant. Purple can arrive in two specific shades, Red Purple, and Blue Purple. The Purple wedding theme is growing. Mix the different shades of Purple right, and this colour scheme will raise the roof.

Peach and Pearl - Yes Peach is back and this time it's beautifully subtle. These colours are going to be a big hit for weddings in 2011. This mixture of soft, muted colours combine to produce an exquisite wedding theme, add grey into the combination to complete the trend and you are sure to wow all who attend.

Black and Silver - Elegance and sophistication are always created through the use of black. A crisp black and white combination is a sure fire hit to creating a stunning wedding reception. Add in some sparkle and silver through your accessories for that the icing on the cake.

Mocha and Pink - Chocolate browns and pinks have been a very popular colour combination in recent years with the brown being the base colour. These colours create a relaxed setting that is modern and fashionable. A chic choice for any of todays couples.

Yellow - Yellow is now back as a vibrant wedding mix. Nature gives a helping hand by  supplying so many british flowers as that colour so they won't be hard to source. Use on its own, team with a dramatic bright colour, or make it mellow with a calming colour partner.

Light Grey and Pink - Adding a touch of refinement to the day, light Grey and Pink blend well together with a pastel charm. Silver accessories work excellently with this colour scheme, and with Grey being one of the very few choices of colours for the Groom and his enterage, he too can join in on the overall look

Tiffany Blue with Pale Aqua - Tiffany Blue is a very elegant colour, classic yet modern. Teaming this with light aqua shades and whites will make your wedding cool and refreshing, crisp and contemporary. If you want to add another colour to really create an impact try some bright green floral in your bouquet and centrepieces.

Hot Pink - Vibrant hot pink began growing in popularity in weddings a few years ago and there seems to be no halting this eye catching trend. It is a hit with other colour schemes such as Lime Green and Orange, but is also a winning colour with more subtle shade partners or simply as a colour scheme in its own right.

Chocolate and Cream - Natural merging shades of browns and creams will be easy on the eye and fit in well with todays fashions for Rustic and vintage style weddings. This look is set to stay in trend for a while to come and is easy to source and match together to get the look.

Orange - Oranges in all shades have always been a very popular choice for autumn weddings. However in 2011 orange will remain a hot colour throughout the year. Orange can be used in many ways. Put together with various orange shades creates a warm sophisticated reception, or team it with hot pink and you have yourself a fantastic contemporary style.

Factors to Consider with your Wedding Colour Scheme

  • Are you trying to create a particular mood for your wedding? Everything draped in white will seem more romantic for instance.
  • Consider a few colours before you decide on your final choice and try swabs of them against each other. Everyone has a different skin tone and some colours may not suit you (or your bridesmaids and groomsmen).
  • If you really love black, try not to incorporate it too much into the wedding, choose a contrasting colour to go with it to balance it out slightly. Black and white weddings are becoming increasingly popular and there is a wide range of colour accessories to match the theme.
  • Limit the colour(s) you use, unless you are going for the rainbow look.
  • One of you may have a favourite colour that you want to work with but you should both be in agreement. Try not to go for any colours that do not reflect your personality however, if you never wear pastel shades in your every day life then it is probably not a good idea to pick that scheme for your wedding day.
  • Think about where your reception is being held. A castle wedding for instance will come alive with rich colours such as emerald green or burgundy and gold.
  • What decor does your venue have? You certainly don’t want to pick a theme that will clash terribly with the wall paper within your reception room, what you want is for your colour scheme to compliment the room.
  • When are you getting married? Colours play an integral part to the changing seasons so while a red and white wedding may look beautiful in the Autumn it would be even more stunning set over the Winter months. As a guide, colours which compliment the seasons include: bright or pastel colours for Spring and Summer; oranges, reds, browns and yellows for the Autumn season and red, purples, greens and silver for the winter.